The Intrigues of Political Debate

If you have ever entered into a political debate, you will know that politics is always intriguing, confusing but never easy. It is far too simplistic to try to categorize individuals as being on the political left or political right. If you ask ten people to define what being a Democrat means you will probably get ten different answers. The same goes for Republicans. Even within the political parties you will get a range of opinions veering from the far left to moderate and perhaps even far right on some issues. This has lead to some people suggesting that a third party is required.

A political debate should be an opportunity for people to put their points of view across and argue, politely, with their opponents. The winner of the debate is the one with the most convincing argument. That’s the theory. The reality is somewhat different. When you have two people involved in a public debate, the person who is seen as the winner is usually the one who has more charm and charisma. They are better able to put their point across and have the ability to present their views in the language of the listener. They may even look better. It has been noted that President Obama’s natural good looks and charm didn’t do him any harm in the political arena. It is a fact of human nature that we often side on the part of the person who looks the best rather than the views they hold.

Watching a political debate can be entertaining and educational if it is held in the correct format and is properly controlled. Unfortunately all too often they end up in a shouting match between the two candidates/parties with verbal personal attacks featuring very frequently. If you are involved in a discussion about politics always maintain your composure and listen to the views of the other side. You never know but they could have something interesting to say.